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From the tungsten filament to the LED, the third revolution of lighting industry

2016-12-28 14:47:02 -

Status: lighting plate new change

Domestic production enterprises mainly presents the following features: large number, small scale, private. According to incomplete statistics, the illumination electric appliance manufacturing enterprises more than 2 m. With the LED industry, the future will be what kind of market pattern?

Lighting industry has been among the three big changes

1.       The change of product value.

2.       The change of product sales .

3.       The change of product technology.

LED real revolution: no power

LED lighting lamps and lanterns as energy saving, intelligent, long life, but these are basically depends on good drive power supply.

To the power of design thinking at present basically has LED and HV AC - - LED.AC - LED because of the rectifier bridge and using LED combination design, part of rectifier bridge is part of the light, it has the advantage of size can be designed to be small.Alternating current (AC) available direct drive AC glow of a new generation of special topology - LED lights production technology mature, LED lighting technology and would be created a new era.





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